We are working for rural development and poverty alleviation by providing solar energy in rural and marginalised areas since 2004.

We are a strong network of organisations and companies with different tasks and responsibilities, working together to achieve the goal of rural development.

The Network:


November 2017

  • Mangoo Marketplace now has listed more than 1,300 solar products for Asia and Asia. To ensure quality of suppliers Mangoo has created a Mangoo Policy Document.
  • The Solar entrepreneurs network for decentralized energy access (Sendea) now has 20 members in Africa and Asia!
  • Light for education: 280 of the poorest households in Nyabbani (Uganda) got a basic solar system for a subsidized price.
  • Ugandan Sendea Fellow Sostap Ltd. has finished a project on behalf of Stiftung Solarenergie: realization of solar-village Kinoni in Western Uganda. The company was supported by our Fellow Anuel Energy Ltd. 
  • Sendea network welcomes the 5th Fellow in Uganda: Juliet Gibbs, who is Founder of Cares Ltd., a social enterprise, working in East Uganda.