We are working for rural development and poverty alleviation by providing solar energy in rural and marginalised areas worldwide.

We aim to provide full power access with reliable maintenance and after sales-service.

We work and think holistic: it is not enough to solve separately single aspects of rural development.

We act as a hybrid organisation: using the advantages of a charitable organization and socially responsible companies to enhance the efficiency of our work.

We are a strong network of organisations and companies with different tasks and responsibilities, working together to achieve the goal of rural development.


The Solar-Federation is represented in these countries:

  • Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda
  • Asia: Cambodia, Philippines
  • Europe: Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland


06-2016: Installation of solar village Kasozi in Uganda finished by Sendea member Anuel Energy.

06-2016: Final step for installation of solar systems for medicine cooling and light in 10 rural health station in Ethiopia. Project of Stiftung Solarenergie.

06-2016: STM Solar Technologies Manufacturing starts cooperation with Hidase Telecom in Ethiopia to sell solar products assembled in Ethiopia in up to 800 outlets of Hidase.

06-2016: SunTransfer Kenya opens new Solar-Center in Ewuaso Kedong to service off-grid customers with end user finance.

06-2016: Sun-Connect News welcomes the 400th members of its Company Database.

The Network

Stiftung Solarenergie - Solar Energy Foundation is working for energy access since 2004. The foundation is responsible for awareness creation and training, but also realises pilot projects. Long-term goal in each partner country is to establish a sustainable solar business.

SunTransfer, a social oriented company, is responsible for sourcing, purchasing, and quality control inside the network. SunTransfer is headquarted in Germany; related companies for distribution and/or assembling are based in Africa and Asia.


Sendea is a program of Stiftung Solarenergie to support solar entrepreneurs in developing countries. Sendea provides its support in theory (training, consulting) and practice (realisation of pilot projects). The focus is on early stage companies and their special gap. Sendea started in 2015

Sun-Connect eG: The German based cooperative supports small and medium solar enterprises in developing countries through supplier credits. Sun-Connect eG delivers products exclusively to partner companies of the network.

Off-Grid Industry Newsletter

Sun-Connect News is the leading informational service for the international Off-Grid Industry.

The webpage provides news and background information as well as relevant documents. The free weekly newsletter goes to more than 6,000 recipients.

Sun-Connect News is provided by Stiftung Solarenergie - Solar Energy Foundation and edited by Harald Sch├╝tzeichel. Sun-Connect News is provided by Stiftung Solarenergie - Solar Energy Foundation and edited by Harald Sch├╝tzeichel.