We are working for rural development and poverty alleviation by providing solar energy in rural and marginalised areas since 2004.

We are a strong network of organisations and companies with different tasks and responsibilities, working together to achieve the goal of rural development.

The Network:


October 2017

  • Stiftung Solarenergie - Solar Energy foundation wins the prestigious Eurosolar Award 2017! The jury awarded the foundation for her holistic work to reduce poverty in developing countries through supply of solar energy solutions in off-grid areas. 
  • In Uganda  Stiftung Solarenergie starts with selection of two new solar villages.

September 2017

  • The DOEN Foundation becomes partner of Sendea: with financial support of DOEN three local entrepreneurs in Uganda get access to the unique accelerator program of Sendea.    

August 2017

  • Crowdfunder Lendahand approved a Euro 1 mio credit line for SENDEA member SunTransfer Kenya.    

July 2017

  • How Sendea Member SunTransfer Kenya empowers Maasai women: Read more
  • Business incubator SENDEA: open call for new members in Uganda.

June 2017

  • Stiftung Solarenergie Philippines supplied several hundred solar lights to families in Northern Samar.